Ian Shank, Staff Writer

Whenever my mom drops me off here at Heritage, she always points to all the equipment and wood outside and asks, “What are they working on over there?”or my personal favorite, “What are they doing? Obviously something with wood, but what are they building?” If you’re like me, you hate being asked a question or very similar questions over and over again and answering with the exact same response: “I honestly have no idea.” The tipping point for me was when I heard other people ask the very same question about the woodwork going on. So I was able to talk with Dane Fehr, SE Department Head here at Heritage, to discuss the mystery that was the woodworking at HHS. Mr. Fehr said that Dr. Burgos’s students construct different projects–such as building Adirondack chairs–and right now they are working on bird houses. They also work on other projects that interest the students. The woodworking program has been going on for a few years–two or three according to Mr. Fehr. The future of this woodworking program is a little shaky: “It depends on who is down there, and Dr. Burgos has talked about retiring … so we’re not quite sure.” There aren’t currently any plans to make anything really big, but according to Mr. Fehr they could if they had to–or if the students were really interested. The students have even built swings for children at one point.