Melissa Ramos, Staff Writer

Making each season a better season.


Winter is usually a cold season of the year, so what does a girl need to make it warmer? A fashionably hot guy. There are so many winter outfits that can make a guy fashionable. Winter outfits consist mostly of gray, red, brown, and black colors. Something that never goes wrong on a guy is a gray sweater; if we want to go more deeply into it, we can add a coat, gloves, a beanie, a Starbucks cup, and a scarf. For some reason, guys never wear scarves and I have no idea why. It adds more to it.


Spring outfits are really easy. Shorts or regular Khakis or jeans look great with almost anything. A light colored button-up shirt works, but nothing too wild. Something like light blue, light green, and maybe orange are ideal colors. I think most guys like spring outfits because they are the easiest.


Summer is almost like spring, but with more freedom. Since during summer most of us do not go to school, guys can either wear pajamas all day or a regular outfit. One of my favorite summer outfits is short khakis, a button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up, sunglasses, and a hat. Another option could be shorts, a muscle tank, and sunglasses. If we want to get deeper into the outfit, you can add muscular arms to it and make the outfit perfect.


Fall outfits for guys are super cute just as they are for girls; the only difference is that most guys don’t really care about their fall outfits. If they did care about their outfits they would make fall be ten times better.  My favorite fall outfit is dark khakis, a gray sweater with a darker gray jacket, brown shoes, and if we want to add accessories we can add facial hair. Not like a Dali beard but more like a short boxed beard style. Another one of my favorite shirts is a flannel, as this can be worn with khakis as well as dark jeans (depending on what color the flannel is), a beanie, and boots.