Melissa Ramos, Staff Writer

Freestyle, back stroke, breast stroke, the butterfly: all of these are the different kind of strokes in swimming. Every single one has its own beauty. Freestyle is probably the stroke that most of us know about. Backstroke is basically the same stroke, but backwards. Breast stroke is swimming like a frog; you kick your legs like a frog would do while swimming and you form a circle with your arms while you are underwater. Butterfly is swimming like a butterfly would fly. You extend both of your arms and move them simultaneously. The kick has nothing to do with a butterfly because you kick as if you were a dolphin. It is easy to conquer one of these events, but to know how to swim all of these perfectly definitely take a lot of hard work and dedication. Saulye Nichols, a sophomore at Heritage High School, swims at all the events. She has been swimming for nine years and she is only fifteen, so she has been swimming for more than half of her life! She takes the sport very seriously because she practices almost every day of the week. On Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, she practices twice a day for two and a half hours and on Saturdays she practices for four hours. Although the sport takes a lot of her time, she does not make any excuses to have an A+ in every single class and getting all of the middle school awards. When you put a lot of effort into achieving something, of course it’s going to have a great outcome. Saulye went to state when she was just a freshman!  Swimming is not an easy sport that everyone can do; it takes dedication and hard work.