Arianna Piper, Staff Writer

Puppy filters, duck faces, and peace signs all have one thing in common: Selfies. Before anyone jumps to the conclusion that I’m going to sit and hate on those who enjoy taking pictures of themselves, let me say that I don’t find anything wrong about taking a selfie here and there. I understand that sometimes we believe we just look that good or we want to be goofy and have fun with cool filters and such. Nothing is wrong with that. However, I feel that if you’re taking five to ten pictures of yourself on a daily basis and slamming social media sites with them, you have a slight addiction. Wanting to check how you look is one thing, but having over a hundred pictures of yourself from the past week is a little odd and makes people look vain. Not only girls do this, though, so guys can’t act all that innocent. In my opinion, the best selfies are the natural ones.  The ones without some goofy filter or emoji on your face. The ones that aren’t edited so your face looks flawless. I’m not saying it isn’t okay to take these kind of pictures; it’s great to have fun. I’m saying that if I’m going to scroll through social media and see dozens of people posing, I want to see their real selves. I can’t act innocent or anything, because even I have used the puppy dog filter and hid half of my face from the camera, but I don’t post those pictures only. I post pictures of me with my siblings or my pets–when I’m the happiest and my smile is real, not forced, so I can get a comment from someone I don’t know saying I have a nice smile or pretty eyes. I love to take pictures, and I believe it is actually healthy to be able to take a picture of yourself and like it so much you want others to see, but don’t be vain about your pictures. Relax, have fun, and take pictures that are worth keeping.