Celena Smith, Staff Writer

When I was younger I would always play with certain toys and watch certain movies. Now that I am a junior in high school, I grew out of those toys, and I don’t really watch those epic Disney movies anymore, which makes me really sad. I’m realizing that I’m not that six-year-old sitting around in my living room playing with my Littlest Pet Shop toys with every single animal you could possibly have. What I mean by all the animals is that I had at least 230 Littlest Pet Shop animals with the buildings that were made for them. Don’t tell anyone, but I still have them for safekeeping. When I was little, all I used to watch were Disney movies over and over again. My favorite Disney princess is Cinderella. I have so much “Cinderella” stuff that it’s not even funny. I still watch Disney movies when I get the chance, because let’s be honest here: I will never grow out of anything Disney-related, and with my sister working at Disney World, I can’t grow out of Disney. Now that I’m truly thinking about what all I did as a kid, I miss it and realize that I don’t have that much time to do that stuff anymore. If I were to say that I still played with my Littlest Pet Shop toys, who knows what would be said. I miss playing with all of that because as I’ve grown up, I didn’t realize what I lost. For example, I don’t use my imagination anymore, unless I have to use it for a class.  When I was a kid, I would always make up games that would entertain me, or when I was with friends we would make up these insane games. I miss that so much. I don’t like being a junior in high school and growing out of all the stuff I used to love doing. I wish that I could go back in time and do all the things I grew out of all over again and just be a kid, where I didn’t really have to worry about much. When I was younger, I was told not to rush growing up, and now I understand why.