HYPERLAPSE: The New Instagram

Kelli Buckles, Staff Writer

Hyperlapse, Instagram’s newest development, is an app that has been designed to produce clean and easy time-lapse videos from the simple touch of your screen. This recording app features a straightforward and modern layout making it now easier than ever to capture videos of the world around you. Aside from being completely effortless to maneuver it also completes several usually difficult tasks in a matter of seconds. Hyperlapse by Instagram is equipped with an automatic stabilizer which allows you to take videos while running, walking, jumping, or even falling without sacrificing the quality.

Using this app is also extremely user-friendly. The only thing that needs to be done is to simply download it. Since there is no time consuming login that is needed you will be able to capture events as they’re happening live. Once the app is opened, a clear camera screen appears with a white circle on the bottom to signify when you want to begin your recording. When you start the video there is a timer of the actual recording time and the condensed version produced by the time-lapse. After you have completed your video you can choose from the original speed through twelve times that. You can also view the original video taken by pressing on the screen. From there you can discard the recording, or if you’re pleased with your result you can either save the video to your camera roll or share it on Facebook or Instagram.

While all of this is accessible when producing your creation, it is important to notice that heterogeneous to Instagram, this app does not allow you to create an account with followers, so if you would like others to see your work you would need you post it onto a different social media site. It also does not feature different filters for the videos, nor does it allow you to import previous videos from your camera roll. It does, however, allow you to move your recording into Instagram and from there you have the ability to select filters, and choose a cover photo like any other video uploaded. Overall Hyperlapse by Instagram is a very enjoyable and addictive video producing app that everyone should have on hand for creating their very own time-lapse recordings.