Melissa Ramos, Staff Writer

Long, short, thin, thick, frizzy, curly straight; all of these are adjectives that most people would use to describe their hair. It’s an advantage, but it is also a disadvantage too, especially long hair. Every morning the constant battle that goes through my head is “Should I wake up and get ready? Or should I sleep 30 more minutes and go through the day with my hair looking like a nest?”

Most girls and some guys with long hair spend most of their time getting ready fixing their hair. Hair is such an important part of what we look like. For me, getting ready consists of putting makeup on, choosing an outfit, and fixing my hair. I always pick my outfit the night before so that does not take me any time in the morning. As for my makeup, I usually do it while I’m on the way to school, so it does not take a long time. If I want my hair to look decent, I have to wake up thirty minutes earlier, take a shower (which it helps me wake up), brush my hair and wait for it to dry off so I can actually do something to it. I can’t blow dry it because that will only make it frizzy.

If I don’t want to wake up early, there are many options that I can do to my hair. My number one option most of the time is a bun; it’s the easiest and fastest thing I can do to my hair. Since my hair is thick and curly, my bun usually looks like a nest

To work out, I wear my hair in a pony tail because it’s the fastest thing to do, except that I always end up breaking the hair tie most of the time. Braids would be my second option, but I would only do them if I’m going somewhere cool or if I’m going hiking with a friend and we’re taking pictures. I love braids, and I love braiding other people’s hair. I love all different kinds of braids, and just the word itself, I love it too. There are so many different kinds of braids, and I know how to do most of them. The weird thing is that I can’t braid my own hair! I don’t know how people braid their own hair; they must be some kind of magical creature or something, because how in the world they do it without looking at it?