Ian Shank, Staff Writer

The annual Thanksgiving food drive hosted by FBLA here at Heritage High School is always an intense competition. Teachers turn against each other by stealing cans from each other’s rooms, with Coach Broom being a repeat offender of this act. Students want their class to be the winner so they can claim their prize, and students were bribed with extra credit so they rushed out to Wal-Mart and piled food in their shopping carts. Plus, the first block that wins the food drive earns bragging rights, which means a lot more than it should here at Heritage. Last year, Heritage collected over 7,400 food items and received over $500 in donations which means a lot since every dollar counted as two food items. On October 24, 2016, the battle began.  It was a real nail biter with Coach Chattin leading the pack for the majority of the food drive with several others coming very close to surpassing the amount he had already collected. However, there was a lack of participation which led to an extension for the food drive. Instead of it ending on November 14, the drive officially ended after first block on November 15. The winner was announced over the intercom and the whole school learned that BETA Club had won the food drive with Coach Chattin’s first block class coming in second place. This came as a shock to many since Coach Chattin’s first block was expected by many students to win. Regardless of who won, it would be hard for one to deny that the food and money will be going to a good cause.