Arianna Piper, Staff Writer

Some people say that black isn’t a color, and technically that’s true. Black is actually the absence of color, but it still fits in a group called achromatic colors alongside grey and white. I see black as more of a shade than anything else. I could care less about the technicalities of it, though. Black is my favorite color, shade, hue, or whatever else people consider it. I like black everything. I think it is a strong, cool, and powerful color. When I say cool, I don’t mean it as in light or soft. I mean it is up-to-the-minute, stylish, etc. It provides the dark and mysterious look I enjoy.  I do, however, have one problem with it. Just like any other color, it comes in its own shades. No, I don’t mean it goes black, grey, and then white. I’m saying there is such thing as a darker black, a brighter black, and a faded black whether you want to believe it or not. To those of us who really pay attention it’s easy to spot, but not so much to others. I see people wearing faded black jeans and more of a solid black t-shirt constantly and it is seriously annoying. I’m not saying the people are deliberately doing it of course, to them black is just black.  It’s like seeing a woman wear bright and shiny black shoes with a faded black dress; it just doesn’t look right. Texture and design is a key factor as well. An example would be if someone were wearing shiny black leather pants with fuzzy fabric black wedges…I mean really? I’m not exactly what most would consider a fashionable person, but I still know enough about fashion to get me through the basic stage of matching.  It isn’t a big deal of course. I’m not going to judge someone for what they wear because in my opinion it doesn’t matter what a person wears as long as it is appropriate. I’m sure I’ve worn things that others didn’t agree with color wise, but in the end none of it really matters.