Ian Shank, Staff Writer

Everyone has their own thing to express themselves. Some people wear particular shirts, a particular bracelet, or a certain hat. Some people pierce their skin with a needle and inject ink into them to get what is known as a tattoo. My family and some of my close friends think it’s too taboo to get a tattoo. For example, whenever my good friend Kyle gets a tattoo, my mom always disapprovingly nods her head and whenever I bring up the subject of getting tattoos she starts laughing. I love the idea of tattoos and can’t wait to get them.  When I say get them, I mean get my arms covered to the point where you can’t see any skin. The tattoos I like the most are the ones that are random and weird. Yes, it’s nice to have a Bible verse or a tribute to a loved one permanently injected into you, but I think I would much rather have a tattoo like the one on Conor McGregor’s chest which is a gorilla wearing a crown and eating a heart.  I’m just saying if you’re going to get something permanent let it be one that’s a great conversation starter.  What also makes the random tattoos great is the fact that you can make them very colorful. I love things that have bright and vibrant colors compared to colors such as black and brown, which makes everything look the same if they all get jumbled close together.  I do like tattoos on people’s necks, but I’m too terrified to do that to myself. I have a genuine fear that if I get one, something will startle the artist causing him to jerk the needle which would then hit a nerve causing me to be paralyzed for the rest of my life.  What causes me to cringe though are leg tattoos. Whenever I see a person with a leg tattoo I cringe a little. I just find it very unappealing and a waste of perfectly fine ink; they are the Drake of tattoos. I have to wait two more years until I can get ink permanently injected in me but I still already have several thought up in my head. The one I want the most is to get the deathly hallows symbol with the colors of the four different houses from “Harry Potter” in the background. I know it’s nerdy, but I still want it very badly since I loved “Harry Potter” as a child. I also want a “One One Six” tattoo like the one my friend Kyle has. It’s the traditional “One One Six” logo but has a person carrying the X like a cross. So in short, tattoos are a form of art that I love and can’t wait to get in the very close future.