Celena Smith, Staff Writer

Next year I will be a senior here at Heritage High School, which means it is time to buckle down and look at colleges. When I think about looking at colleges, it scares me because that is my future and my whole life I have to think about. College is a huge step after graduating high school because I will be basically on my own not depending on Mommy or Daddy to help me with homework. I get the joy of growing up and becoming the lovely adult I have dreamed about my whole life. Let me just say it isn’t as fun as everyone thinks. I have grown up in a small family, and being the youngest, I get to see my siblings grow up and see them adjust to going to college. Thankfully I have already been thinking about where I want to go and what I want to be for about three years now, and let me just say it isn’t going to be the easiest thing in the world. I am planning on attending Chattanooga State Community College to be a pharmacy tech and even maybe be a pharmacist. After I graduate from there, I want to get my interpreting degree in sign language from the same place or attend University of Tennessee in Knoxville or the University of Georgia. I want to also go into cardiology work, since I have a heart condition on my own. I feel I can connect with what a heart patient is going through. Going to college is a very important factor in my life since the only person to really go to college in my family is my sister. I look up to my sister as a role mode,l and I would love follow in her footsteps. The reason I would want to follow in my sister’s footsteps is because she is currently working for the “Happiest Place on Earth.” Last February she got transferred to Florida to finish out college and intern as a cast member. I would love to do this because I have been a huge Disney fan since I was a little girl, so of course I want to work at Disney. Going to college is big because most jobs either need a high school diploma or a college diploma. Along with having a college diploma I will be able to get paid better, too.