Melissa Ramos, Staff Writer

For me, cold weather, snow, hot chocolate, and scarves are what make winter feel like winter. Unfortunately, this winter we have no snow. We do not have cold weather which sadly means no snow, which leads to no scarves or hot chocolate, because is not cold enough to wear or drink these things.

Some of the most fun things to do during the winter are ice skating and skiing. When I go ice skating, I usually go with my friends downtown and skate there. After that, we go to eat somewhere, and I usually get a funnel cake and/or ice cream. I love going ice skating, even thought at first I struggle a little, but after a while I’m good with it.

When my family and I go skiing, it’s usually just for a weekend. We go to Gatlinburg, but I do not think we will do that this year because Gatlinburg is a little bit burnt. When we go, we usually just spend the weekend at a hotel and then go skiing. I can’t snowboard yet, although I would love to learn how. Skiing is just way easier; you do not need that much skill to do it.

I love when it snows.  When it snows a lot I think that it is the prettiest view ever. All the trees and houses get snow on top of them. Everything is white and sparkly, and it looks so peaceful. There are so many fun things you can do. It obviously has its ups and downs, but I love snow anyway. Some of the good parts are that we do not have school, and we can wake up late. If there is a lot of snow, you can play in it for hours and then watch a movie with some hot chocolate. The down is that most of the time we have to make up for snow days, so it can make our summer shorter or we do not have many holidays days off. If we have more than 3 inches of snow, we can’t drive anywhere and it can be a little boring after a couple of days.