Ian Shank, Staff Writer

Jason Statham returns as the assassin, Arthur Bishop, in “Mechanic: Resurrection.” “Mechanic: Resurrection” is a movie in which this man named Arthur Bishop must perform three hits and make them all look like accidents in hopes that a group of vicious men will let his girlfriend (played by Jessica Alba) go. I didn’t know this, but apparently the movie was released in September; this made me curious as to why I hadn’t heard of it. Well, it wasn’t shown in advance for any critics. This is never a good sign. When I popped in the Blu-ray, I was ready to cringe the whole time. Yet once the movie was over, I couldn’t help but smile. This film is a lot like some of Jason Statham’s previous work. It has the action of a “Bourne” movie and the logic of a “Fast and Furious” movie. This is by no means a good movie. If you expect something thematically rich or Oscar-worthy, you’re going to be very disappointed and it will be probably the dumbest movie you will ever watch.

What I liked the most was Jason Statham. While he is not the best actor out there, he knows his stuff when it comes to action. From “The Transporter” to “Safe,” this guy can film the most energetic and awesome action sequences. Whenever he’s caught in the middle of all the action, he can get to the point of being more brutal than Jason Bourne or James Bond (Daniel Craig’s version). Tommy Lee Jones is also in this and he plays the third and final contract Bishop has to finish, and he gives a decent performance like always, but I hated the wardrobe he was put in. He looked like a rock star from the 80s that is now in his fifties. He has several earrings, a goatee, and pimp-like clothes. What I mean by pimp-like clothes is that he wears velvet slippers with striped pajamas and a fur coat to top it all off.  Jessica Alba is also thrown into the mix. She plays Bishop’s sort of girlfriend (more on that later). She gives an alright performance which is pretty impressive since she only has like twenty lines, and they’re not that well written. She also does pretty well with the action scenes but she doesn’t come close to Jason Statham.

What my biggest complaint about the movie is that the romance between Jessica Alba and Jason Statham is so forced. This is how their relationship goes. Jason kills Jessica’s abusive boyfriend, the next day they take a dance class to trick some spies, they have a night of debauchery, and now they’re a couple. I may not be the best versed on relationships, but I don’t think they just happen that quickly. Another thing that I take issue with is its logic. There are tons of things that go on in this movie that could never happen in real life, and if they could, I don’t think it would play out the way it did. Let me give you some examples. Jason uses a match and a cigarette to somehow blow a hole in a prison wall, shoots a hinge of a boat rack so that he can use the boat to shield him from gunfire, and to top it all off, Jason fires his pistol a good twenty to thirty times before he runs out of ammo.

Despite its obvious flaws such as logic inconsistencies and forced romance, this is a fun movie that I can’t help but recommend if you want to watch something entertaining. If Jason Statham fighting and Jessica Alba being Jessica Alba-ish doesn’t seem like a good time for you, or you want to watch something that’s actually good then I wouldn’t recommend watching it. “Mechanic: Resurrection” is so bad it’s good.