Celena Smith, Staff Writer

Since first grade I have had an English class of some sort like other people. The past eleven English classes have taught me so many things. I’ve learned how to diagram a sentence and how to read. I also learned vocabulary words that I will use for probably the rest of my life. During the classes I’ve had to write essay assignments, I have never dreaded anything more in my life. When I am told to sit down and write about one specific topic my mind just goes blank and I end up staring at that this blank word document. I have never been able to wrap my brain around why it is so hard to be given a topic and to write about it, yet, it is so easy to just sit down and start writing for me. I love the thought of creative writing. According to my grandmother, I have been writing stories since I was about three years old. When I was younger I had the craziest imagination, for example, I made up these stories that the grass outside my house was my safe place because I was a bug and if I left the grass I would be killed on the spot. I have no clue what made me think about that, other than the movie “A Bug’s Life,” which might’ve had a lot to do with it. Writing a creative story for a class has to be one of my favorite things about school. I never seem to run out of ideas to write about. My favorite genres to write are horror, romance, and comedies. Recently I wrote a human fiction story for my English class. Human fiction is a story that is fictional but you can only have humanly possible things in it. My story was a blend horror and romance. That is one assignment I couldn’t get my attention away from. I ended up having eleven pages with 4,170. The minimum was 800 words. I hope that I’m able to continue to write freely and use my imagination.