Melissa Ramos, Staff Writer

As the end of the semester is coming closer and closer, I have decided to write about some of the feats that the Heritage Generals accomplished this fall season. Sometimes it is good to have some flashbacks of what we have accomplished to have motivation to do better next time. Heritage High School has five sports during the fall. The main one, of course, is football, and then we have cross country, cheerleading, volleyball and softball.

Football made history this school year. For the first time ever, the Heritage Generals made it to the state playoffs, in not one, but two games! The first game was against Stephens County with a score of 37-3, and the Generals won. The second state playoff game was against Mary Persons High School. Sadly, we did not make it past the second playoff game, but we sure made some history and hopefully next year we can make history again but this time by winning state!

Cross country placed second in regions. The cross country boys placed eighth place in state and the girls placed fifth.

The cheerleaders placed fifth in the state and first in regions.

Softball played well as they always do and also went to the state playoffs.

Volleyball had an impressive undefeated season.

The school has only been open for nine years and we have accomplished more than most schools, so let’s see what we will accomplish in the future when we have more experience!