Melissa Ramos, Staff Writer

As most of as have noticed this past few years, the earth has been a little bit crazy. During winter is not cold anymore until later in the season, and during summer is extremely hot. I do not think that is normal; I think it is a way of the word begging for help, begging us to stop treating it the way we treat it. We are so mean to our world, and the worst part is that once we are done damaging it, we will not be able to heal it.  I do not understand why people do not care about this world! Have they not noticed this is the only one we have? I mean, of course we can probably go to a different planet like Mars or Jupiter in the future, but there would be so different. Life like we know it would not be life. Besides, you cannot compare the earth with any other planet in our solar system.

Most people are destroying our planet because they want more money. They want more success. I wonder if when they are finished with the earth will that they realize that money will not buy them a new planet. I love a Cree Proverb that goes like, “only when the last has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.”  I love that proverb because it’s true. We are so selfish that we are not realizing we are ending our planet; money is blinding us.

A good way to make money without hurting the earth–and help it–is recycling. Recycling bring nothing but good things. One, it helps the earth “break down plastics.” A plastic bottle takes around  five hundred years to break down! That is more than 3 or 4 generations! American itself uses more than 50 billion plastics bottles a year! That is a million of a million, and only in America. I wonder how many billions–if not trillions–the whole world uses. Almost none of it it is recycled! Most of it just ends up in the ocean hurting our ecosystem! Let’s not even get started on how much oil it takes to make all of those plastic bottle and how many oil spills human cause. In the other hand, if we recycle, we help the world and we can make money. It is a win-win situation. If you recycle a plastic bottle, you can earn up to five cents per bottle.  It does not sound like much, but if you add all of it up you can make some money. Even if you do not make a lot of money, you are still helping the world–which is still a pretty big deal!

I do not hate a lot of things or people in this world, but what what I do hate is when people waste stuff:  gas, water, paper, or anything.  I hate when people take hour-long showers as if they do not have anything better to do. They waste a lot of gallons of water. I do understand when you have a rough day and you you want to take a long shower once in a while, but every single day it is just a waste of water.

Paper. When people just throw a whole piece of paper away just because they messed it up a little bit–that is what erasers are for! If you cannot erase it, use the back! Do not waste the whole paper. Millions of trees die every year (and they produce oxygen!). Without trees, we do not have oxygen. We kinda need oxygen to survive. A good way to recycle paper is to use two sides to solve a math problem or to doodle or to do a rough draft. A good way to recycle or use less gas is using the bus or riding in the same vehicle if you are going to the same place with a person.

This planet is the only planet we have.  This is our home and we should take care of it.