Katie Lee, Staff Writer

Most of the time when you ask someone what their favorite animal is, you are expecting something common like a dog, or a cat, or maybe a bird. Well not this time. My favorite animal is an elephant because they are the most amazing, beautiful animals that have ever existed. Elephants have so many great qualities; they are smart, huge, friendly, and adorable. Elephants are super intelligent creatures, some have been taught to paint, dance, and do other cool tricks. There is one popular video on Facebook of an elephant in front of a canvas with a paintbrush and he paints another elephant. It certainly looks better than anything I could ever paint. These wonderful animals are also very caring; when one of the members of an elephant herd gets sick, the other elephants will take care of it and try to make it feel better. Is that not the most adorable thing you’ve ever heard?  Elephants can do a lot of cool things, too. They can sense when it’s going to rain and they can detect rain up to 150 miles away and they can smell water from 12 miles away. Elephants can also recognize people and remember them, so if you ever made friends with an elephant that would turn into a lifelong friendship. Elephants are just too cute not to love. They are 12,000 pound bundles of joy. Elephants are exciting and a good answer to the question “What is your favorite animal?” instead of a lame answer like a dog or a cat.