Below Standards


Connor Harlan, Entertainment Editor

When it comes to standards, horror movies seem to lack them. The usual issues with most horror movies are clichéd scares, paper thin stories, and actors who play their parts like they’re sleeping. If you hoped that As Above, So Below would break this usual funk, you’re darn wrong.

As Above, So Below likes to indulge in its interesting premise through most of the movie, a tale of a woman trying to complete her father’s research after his tragic suicide. The opening scene has a lot of realism, and induced some real emotions of panic and fear. This is lost quickly, as the character development once the movie gets going is little-to-none, and the film immediately crashes and burns. Besides the main character, we know nothing about any of the characters except what little we hear in conversations. We’re also just left to accept that the characters get lucky enough to find people that are willing to send them underground. Once underground, we’re met with lackluster scares, repetitive themes, and an ending that not only left me disappointed, but extremely confused.