Bethany Hall, Staff Writer

It’s no secret that the social media war between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown has been getting extremely heated. This all started when Soulja Boy apparently liked an Instagram picture posted by Brown’s ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, who has been surprisingly vocal about the whole feud and about how she is tired of the attention the three of them are getting. But the feud has spiraled downhill, and at this point, it’s so intense that the two have both agreed to enter a boxing ring and fight it out like men.

In Las Vegas two Fridays ago, both of these hip-hop stars signed a contract with boxer Floyd Mayweather to have a three round bout that will actually be televised and featured on pay-per-view, and it all will be promoted by Mayweather’s companies. Last Wednesday, Soulja Boy started promoting the fight by putting up a photo on Instagram with the caption: “it’s going down! Signed my contract.” It was later announced that Soulja Boy’s trainer is the one and only Floyd Mayweather himself. Brown told the world on Instagram that his match was set, but that is all the information he is willing to release at this point.

Though this may only be an act to get more publicity for the two performers, it is definitely working and creating quite a stir throughout the country, especially on social media. And if that’s not enough, people are already trying to purchase tickets, pre-order the fight and trying to make money by selling merchandise to endorse the fight between the two celebrities. The fight, which will be happening sometime in March, shall be a three round boxing match that you won’t want to miss.