Seth Carter, Staff Writer

This weekend our boys’ and girls’ swimming teams competed in the regional swim meet at Dalton High School. Before heading down to Dalton I caught up with one of them to ask her how she felt about the regional meet. Sophomore swimmer Hannah Smith said, “I think we are gonna be really competitive, in other meets we swam well against these teams.” Now for those that do not know how the regional swim meet works, it is a lot like the normal meets. You show up early in the morning to swim two races out of a possible nine categories, and then if you make a top 16 time you get to come back at night and swim in the finals. At Heritage we were fortunate to have four individuals make it to the final races. These individuals were Pierce Lively, Hannah Smith, Lexi Easley, and Saulye Nichols. I spoke to two Generals about their goals in this meet, and they both said they would like to be region champs. However only one managed to do it, and that was sophomore Hannah Smith: she won both the 50m and 100m free, and Lexi Easley was runner up in both of those events; Saulye Nichols and Pierce Lively finished 3rd in their final races. This swim meet also had team events not just individual events, and our girls’ team placed 3rd and our boys placed 6th. It is obvious that all their hard work in practice truly paid off and now some of swimmers are heading to state and need all the support the general family can give them.