Hannah Roberts, Staff Writer

When a friend of mine who does MMA at Blalock’s IMB first suggested that I watch Bellator MMA, I was definitely hesitant. I had nothing negative to say about it, but I always felt like it just wasn’t my kind of thing and that I wouldn’t enjoy watching it. Anyone who knows me well would agree that the thought of me watching professional fights is fairly amusing. I notoriously know almost nothing about sports in general. Despite this, I thought that I would just watch it and see what I thought anyway. When I first started watching it for a while, I thought that I would turn the TV off soon, but the longer that I watched it, the more interested I was. I wanted to know who would win. There were times when I thought that I should probably feel differently, but I was amused. During one particular fight between Georgi Karakhanya and Emmanuel Sanchez, Karakhanya was basically just crawling on Sanchez for a considerable time. I’m sure that it is just because it was my first time watching something like this, but I thought that was extremely funny. While everyone else was probably annoyed, I thought that definitely qualified as entertainment, even if it wasn’t the entertainment that I was expecting. Before the night was over, I had watched around two hours of fights. I still feel like MMA probably isn’t my thing, but it is still something that I definitely enjoyed watching for a change.