Emily Blevins, News Editor

I am confident that most people on Earth who have access to technology have been on YouTube at some point in their lives for various different reasons, whether it was to watch a funny video that their friend sent them a link to or to see what their favorite song looks like in music video form. I am also confident that a majority of the people who have been on YouTube are fairly aware of how enormous the platform is, along with its continuous expansion. What I feel that most people do not realize is just how awesome YouTube is.

In my opinion, YouTube is not just another social media site. YouTube is more like a virtual community; it brings people from completely different locations and backgrounds together and forms friendships that are often based on common interests. Personally, I really enjoy watching YouTube videos from the people who I am subscribed to when I have some free time and simply want to relax. Most of the people that I watch and keep up with produce content that relates to my life. I typically watch either vlog and lifestyle videos or videos that have to do with fashion, health and fitness, beauty, traveling, and/or faith. I currently have a few people that I really admire simply because they consistently produce videos that include most, if not all, of the topics that I listed on their channels. Some excellent examples of what I am describing include Michelle Reed, Tess Christine, Cambria Joy, Jess and Gabriel, and Aspyn + Parker, just to name a few. If any of the topics that I listed interest you the way they interest me, I would highly recommend checking any of these channels out. And whether these specific people are for you or not, I would suggest going on YouTube regardless and searching for people and topics that interest you and your personal life.