Shalee Thompson, Staff Writer

From the beginning of time, sixth grade year to be exact … I have come about this object, that which provides me with an extreme amount of discomfort. To narrow down this horrible invention even more, I will say this object has more than likely became your “best friend” throughout your school career. This horrible object is labeled as the student desk chair.

You can probably already tell where I am going with this, so I’m going to be blunt with it. The student desk chair is super uncomfortable to sit in, especially when we have to sit in it for eight hours at a time. For us teenagers of various heights and weights, this desk does not provide the accommodations that we need in order to make throughout our school day.

We come to school for eight hours and the first thing we want to do in the mornings is move, not sit. As we have to start and end our day in these hard, butt-torturing inventions, we will become very ornery … so don’t take it personally, teachers. These desks are bad for our physical health, and they don’t provide us with any room to move. Teachers, please help us out by sympathizing with us more often, for we have had some major pain from these desks.