Hannah Roberts, Staff Writer

Both books and movies definitely have their place, but I personally tend to appreciate novels more. Each one certainly has an art to them that is unique to the story, but books are usually better at conveying human emotion in comparison to the majority of movies. The reader is given greater insight; the journey that the character goes on isn’t merely observed, but instead, it is shared with the reader. Novels allow you to learn about a character or multiple characters and see the world through their eyes. Readers learn characters as who they are in deeper ways than I’ve seen exhibited in movies. However, only movies can give a visual representation of a character. Through movies, you see more of what you would out of every other person you react with. There is less of the feeling of seeing through another’s eyes, but instead, there is visible emotion. I feel like novels usually allow someone to have more personal attachments, but movies, by nature, do take less time in comparison and there definitely are times when I would prefer to watch a movie. For me, it is most important to feel like I have an understanding of the characters and their motivations. That’s what creates a strong plot and story. Books allow for more in-depth analysis, but movies are good for momentary entertainment.  From my experience, movies cannot help you to understand characters as well as novels can, but they are both great forms of art and entertainment that each have their place.