Emily Blevins, News Editor

For most upperclassmen and the occasional freshman and sophomore, prom season is currently beginning to roll around, and for many this can also mean that a great season of stress is rolling around as well. There are many things that both ladies and gentleman must confront when planning how this one evening out of the year will play out, but one thing in particular stands out to me when reflecting on past prom experiences because it is a rather huge part to every girl’s prom night. This make-or-break aspect is in fact, the dress. Although it sounds scary and can become even scarier when giving it a little thought, I would like to bring a bit of hope and peace to those who apply to this situation. I have been to prom one year before and plan to attend again this year; therefore, I believe I can offer a bit of advice for anyone in need of it.

First of all, the one part in finding a dress that can bring a lot of stress onto someone in a very short amount of time is not necessarily finding one that fits just right or one that is the perfect shade of blue, but it is simply finding a dress in time. I currently do not have my prom dress for this year yet, and honestly I have barely even looked at any dresses at all. If you share the same situation with me right now and are starting to panic, do not fret. Personally, I don’t feel that you are falling behind on getting things done in regards to prom this year just yet, but I would suggest starting to look at your schedule to designate a few days and/ or weekends out of the next couple months to go to some prom dress shops, formal dress boutiques, etc. And rather than getting worked up over not being on the same page as your friends as far as prom-planning goes, I would highly suggest to simply make the best out of prom-dress shopping and embrace it while you can. Invite friends and/or family to go with you, make an entire weekend out of it, eat some great food on the way, and just enjoy yourself. Try on as many dresses as you can and whether you think you will like it on you or not, try it on anyway. You never know how a dress will look on compared to how it looks on its hanger. From then, you can easily begin looking into different colors, hair and makeup options, along with where to eat that night. Overall, my number one suggestion that I can make to anyone who is stressed about this upcoming prom season is to simply have fun, indulge on what will make you the happiest that night, and live in the moment as you will only have the opportunity to go to a prom for so many years within your life.