Sydney Shaver, Staff Writer

This past weekend, the movie “Rings” came out as the next installment of the movie series “The Ring,” which came out in 2002. To say that this movie was interesting would be an understatement. It had so many plot twists and really kept you guessing. The plot of the movie followed a young couple out of high school with the guy going off to college. Soon, Holt becomes wrapped up in something called “The Samara Experiment.” Julie, Holt’s girlfriend, soon becomes worried that something is terribly wrong after she receives a mysterious Skype call from his account. She travels to his University where she finds out about the experiment and that Holt doesn’t have much time left. She decides that it’s in their best interest to watch his copy of the tape, and when she does, trouble soon ensues.

This movie is definitely worth the trip to watch it. It’s a little unnerving. It was shocking the way that it kept making you guess what was going to happen. We got to learn more about the character “Samara” and where she came from, before the well. The acting in the movie was also great. My favorite was actor and contortionist Bonnie Morgan who played Samara. She was a great fit for the role and was even known on set to be method acting. Her portrayal of the character was chilling. The movie is great and the acting was good as well. It was put together well and interesting to watch. It’s one that I will certainly watch again.