S. Thompson & C. Harlan

Shalee Thompson, Staff Writer

,On December 21, 2016, the movie “Sing” was released in theaters. Many great comments were said about this new movie, and I heard it was the “spark of all laughter,” due to the amount of laughter produced throughout the movie. People commented on the movie’s trailer by saying things like “Wow, this movie seems really cute and funny,” and others said it was hard to compare “Sing” and the movie “Moana” because they were both greatly thought out.

“Sing” was a movie that brought out the feels… and it kind of made me seem like a little kid inside again. Although, I found some things hard to bare towards the middle of the movie, I also felt a sense of amusement during other parts of the movie as well. As I sat down and watched the movie, I noticed that the movie had a lot of positive and negative scenes, regarding the fact that it is a little kid movie and most of the time, kids wouldn’t actually catch on to the different vibes that are given off. It was more or less a movie that not only encouraged the many characters throughout the movie, but me as well. I felt the message being told was around the lines of never give up, even in the hard times in life. I know that’s a common quote, but it’s true and that’s exactly what this movie was all about.

This movie is for all ages and even though it was written in more of a kid-friendly perspective, I still think it was a movie to catch everyone’s attention.  The animals spoke a sincere message that revolves around many things in life. I recommended for everyone to watch this amusing, yet meaningful movie that will indeed make you sing your heart out in the end.