Katie Lee, Staff Writer

So the best holiday, Valentine’s Day, is right around the corner and I am so pumped. Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday because it’s all about love and I just love, love. Every Valentine’s Day I always spend the day baking treats for my friends and then I go deliver it to them because I don’t know what says “I love you” more than food.

I also like seeing all the couples on Valentine’s Day acting like they are so in love it just makes my heart feel really warm. It’s funny to watch sometimes because you know just the day before they were fighting and “hated” each other. Valentine’s Day changes people’s moods dramatically, most people are in a better mood but a lot of people get sad. They get all depressed because they are not in relationships, but Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic relationships, it is about friendships too. It really makes me upset to see people sad on Valentine’s Day because it is supposed to be a happy day.

Even if you aren’t in a relationship on Valentine’s Day, you can still enjoy the holiday. If you’re lonely, just go hang out with your other friends who are all alone too and you can be each other’s Valentines, or maybe you like being alone, you can just take yourself out on a date and treat yourself, just spend the day loving yourself. Also, I bet your parents would love to spend Valentine’s Day with you, go out and see a movie or something. Don’t just sit around moping all day, be happy. Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a sad holiday for anyone, it’s a day for love, so just go love.