Ian Shank, Entertainment Editor

There are many actors and actresses that look very promising. Miles Teller being a great example with his work in “Whiplash,” “War Dogs,” and “Bleed for This.” Yet, none look as promising as 20 year old actress, Anya Taylor-Joy. She has starred in three movies within the past year and all of which (I felt) were stellar. She was in “The Witch,” “Morgan,” and M.Night Shyamalan’s masterpiece “Split.” She has quickly climbed through the ranks and has surpassed actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Shailene Woodley as possibly the best actress to come along in some time. She plays just about anything and pulls the emotion out of her character. In “Morgan,” she played a murderous and sadistic android and was able to make people care about her more than anyone else in the said film. She also excelled at this with her character in “Split.”  We were able to see how vulnerable her character was due to past traumatic experiences. In addition, she seems like a rather likable human being. I have seen her in interviews and seen some of her social media posts and she seems to be a kind and decent person. This is pretty hard to come by now days and even harder when talking about A-list actors and actresses. Like I said before, her acting is top-notch. I’m genuinely surprised she didn’t receive an Oscar nomination for her work in “The Witch.” I look forward to seeing where this young talent goes in Hollywood.