Seth Carter, Staff Writer

In the state of Georgia, there is one high school athlete sure to place fear in the hearts of wrestler: Chuckie Thurman. It has been said that he is the sole reason some wrestlers switch weight classes after never being able to beat him on the mat. Thurman has been an animal his past three seasons as a wrestler at Heritage High school, but his senior season might be his sweetest yet. Of course, he won his third state championship in his four years, thus ensuring his legacy lives on as a legend in Heritage athletics. However, he also broke a national record. The record he broke was for takedowns. For those who do not watch wrestling or do not know anything about the sport in general, here is the definition of a takedown. A takedown in wrestling is a move or series of maneuvers that succeeds in bringing a standing opponent down onto the mat. It is basically like tackling them in football. Chuckie had to get over 500 takedowns to get the record and during the state tournament he completed his 575th takedown smashing the record and cementing himself in history. That accomplishment along with his 57-1 overall record this year made him a favorite to win state once again. He won by pin in the finals.  His state championship and other Heritage wrestlers placing in the top ten or in the top five helped the Generals to a fourth place finish at state. There is no doubt about the impact that Chuckie made on the Heritage wrestling team, but it is also evident that he left a mark on Heritage High School athletics with his many accolades.