Hannah Roberts, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, February 7, the Heritage High School Book Club went to the Ronald McDonald House Foundation to help them reorganize their library and add the new novels that had been donated by Barnes and Noble. Mrs. Sixto, the club sponsor, told me that she was asked by Kelley Fleming, the community business development manager of the Hamilton Place Barnes and Noble, if the book club would be interested in partnering with them. This wasn’t the first time that the HHS book club had associated with Barnes and Noble. From going on their annual field trips there, Kelley Fleming stated that he wanted to work with them because he already knew that they were a good group who understood the importance in “escaping into a good book,” which is exactly what they wanted to help people to do with their efforts there.

The 13 students who went spent the day volunteering by organizing the library with the combination of the books that they already had with the novels that had been donated. Sophomore Destiny Cross was one of the students who went on the trip, and she helped to organize the extensive fiction section. She has been in book club for three years and told me that she likes it because she gets to talk about books with people who enjoy reading as much she does. After a day of volunteering there, Destiny Cross said, “I thought it was a lot more organized, and with the new books, it looked newer. Before the library was redone, the books were all from the ‘60s and falling apart… After, the books were brand new with some old books mixed in.”