Sydney Shaver, Staff Writers

Everyone has a favorite genre of movie. Mine happens to be horror movies, specifically older movies, like “The Birds” or “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane.” They’re my favorite because they send chills down my spine. While I absolutely love these movies, I love to hate on new horror movies, like “Don’t Breathe.” These new movies just aren’t scary to me, but I love to go see them anyways. I love to watch them because I either get to laugh at how unbelievable and hard to follow the plots are or I get to enjoy a well made film.

I hate the new films because sometimes the plot is so hard to follow; you lose the story and the interest of the viewer. The just aren’t plausible in the slightest, like a rich and blind veteran lives alone in an abandoned neighborhood , and he just so happens to keep the girl who accidentally killed his daughter with a newspaper  clipping to show people who she is (I’m looking at you “Don’t Breathe”). I do enjoy laughing at how they try so hard to scare people. I do enjoy watching them try because you can get really great movies out of it, even if it’s not as scary as they thought.

Another aspect of horror movies that I either love or I hate is the scares the movie tries to throw at you. Most of the time these “scares” are jump scares. They play suspenseful music with the film then have something appear from out of seemingly nowhere. Another scare we have, that is used way too much, is blood and gore. Movies like “Saw” use this to scare you and make you think about different ways you could suddenly be put in these situations. I just don’t see how gallons of blood can seemingly pour out of a person, but I guess it’s possible.

I’m just a horror movie freak. I love the feeling I get when watching another movie. It makes me so happy to watch them, even if they seem kind of repetitive. I love to see what weapon the villain would use, even if they are the most useless for whatever reason they are using it. I jump for joy when I see new trailers for a new scary film, so I guess I’m jumping for all the wrong reasons.