Hannah Roberts, Staff Writer

I think that editorials are a great part of journalism; they allow writers to have personal connections to their work and to express their opinions. Without editorialists’ view points, journalism would risk just be news without much entertainment value in it. Also, as someone who writes for the news section, editorials are sometimes just fun to do after writing a lot about things like recent events. However, actually writing a serious editorial feels very different to me.

Knowing that your personal opinion is going to be evaluated by everyone is an intimidating thing. By nature, everyone has different beliefs, so for editorials, I feel like it’s necessary to support your opinion in stronger ways than you normally would when just talking to someone. When your own words are handed out to people, you can’t be there to defend it, so the work has to speak for itself in a way that can withstand some criticism.

Simple topics for editorials are often entertaining and amusing to both read and write, but sharing my opinion through editorials is challenging on its own level. For me, sharing my opinion is something that I have had to learn to be more comfortable with, especially with wanting a career in writing. Having to write editorials was definitely more challenging when I first started to do it, but after doing it for a while and learning to appreciate it, I think that editorials are usually a good thing, despite my usual hesitancy to write and share them.