Ian Shank, Entertainment Editor

Hollywood’s obsession with remakes or “re-imaginings” still continues. One of the most iconic gangsters in cinema history will be toting his “little friend” again in 2018. That’s right; Universal Studios just recently announced that a remake of “Scarface” would be hitting theaters in August of 2018. Universal Studios has said that this movie will be an “explosive re-imagining” of the iconic film. The remake will be made by using a script that has been polished by Joel and Ethan Coen, the pair behind the dark and gritty, academy award winning film “No Country for Old Men” (they also helped polish up the scripts for “Bridge of Spies” and “Unbroken”).The pair has dealt with the themes of greed and violence in their movies before, so they should have no problems rewriting a “Scarface” movie. “Training Day” and “The Magnificent Seven” director, Antoine Fuqua, was originally going to direct the film but has since stepped down and left the project due to scheduling conflicts with a sequel to his film “The Equalizer.” Possible directors that are being eyed to work on the film are David Mackenzie, director of the Oscar-nominated “Hell or High Water;” and Peter Berg, director of “Patriot’s Day” and “Deepwater Horizon.” Actor Diego Luna of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” fame is attached to the film and will reprise the role of Scarface (which had been previously portrayed by Al Pacino in 1983, and Paul Muni in 1932).  The re-imagining is supposedly going to keep true to the 1983 version with just a little tweaking since it’s about a Latino man in Los Angeles.