Katie Lee, Staff Writer

Vending machines are supposed to be like treasure chests filled with a bunch of goodies, but instead we have baddies, like low fat Pop Tarts and baked chips. Now I’m not against healthy foods; I would just rather have tasty foods. I remember the vending machines in middle school were filled with candy and giant cinnamon rolls. The big cinnamon rolls and Shockers were basically what my diet consisted of back in the good old days in middle school; they were so good! I miss those days, and I miss having a happy tummy while I’m sitting in class. Also, I think it would be appreciated by not only the hungry students, but also by the parents because they wouldn’t have to deal with whiny kids coming in the door every day after school complaining about starving. My mom always gets irritated when I complain, and I think it would help prevent some headache. I have never seen an empty vending machine in my three years of high school, and I feel like that says something about the food they have in there. Nobody is buying anything because it’s a waste of money; you’re not going to spend money on something knowing that you will just be disappointed by your purchase. I feel like as you grow up things just get more disappointing. All I want is a vending machine filled with yummy calories. I know that they changed it because they want us to be healthier, but we are kids: we want fatty foods. Let’s bring back the calories!