Seth Carter, Staff Writer

It has come to my attention that many people feel negatively about the winter season. Many of my family and friends all feel like winter is the worst season, but I love winter and I feel like it is the best season. The reason I love winter is the cold. Like, I do not like the feeling of being cold, but I love when it is a pretty day outside because the cold amplifies the colors. It is hard to describe what I mean by this but I am sure many people agree with me that colors seem to be more prominent in the cold. Another reason why I love the winter season is the holidays associated with it. Christmas is in the winter along with Valentine’s Day and Hanukkah. Whenever it starts getting cold I start getting excited for Christmas, and I start dreaming of a white Christmas which is extremely rare in the south, and that brings me to my last reason for enjoying winter is SNOW. I love snow so much because it is so scarce down here, and when we get snow everything goes crazy. For instance we get out of school for days at a time and we get to play outside all the time and sled down massive hillsides. Snow also brings the community together like I have never seen before. As soon as it starts getting icy on the road you can see the redneck army of tractors and ATVs to come help people get out of ditches and get home. See, the winter season and snow brings out the best in people and that is why winter is the best season of them all.