Sydney Shaver, Staff Writer

Everybody remembers the Netflix original series that almost everybody was talking about. I’m talking about “Stranger Things.” I have exciting news for those of us who absolutely love the show. Season two will be coming to Netflix on Halloween! I, along with many others, already can’t wait to see it. The trailer for the new season was aired during the Super Bowl. At first, it confused many viewers. It started out as a vintage Eggo’s commercial from the 1980’s, which was a nod to the main character and hero, Eleven. They are the favorite food in the show. A few frames were replaced with a spinning arcade sign with an ominous creature behind it or shots of Eleven. It quickly changed to a clip of three boys wearing “Ghostbusters” costumes while riding bikes. It had more clips of what the characters might look like, including what most people assume to be Eleven with longer hair.

The trailer makes season two looks even cooler than the first one. Even the tag line in the trailer was cool and a nod back to the show. The tag line for the trailer was “The world is turning Upside Down.” We get to see a new monster which looks super amazing. I just can’t help but to wonder what damage this monster does and if Eleven comes back from the “Upside Down.” It definitely makes you want to watch the entire season in one sitting. I don’t know about you, but on Halloween, you’ll find me curled up on the couch watching every new episode of season two.