Hannah Roberts, Staff Writer

For everyone who is interested in writing, the deadline for the 2017 Young Georgia Authors Competition is coming up. On Wednesday, March 1, all entries are due to Dr. Ingle in room 1218. Unfortunately, late submissions won’t be accepted, but they can be turned in through an email or on a flash drive as long as it is in Word docs. When submitting your work, an entry form has to be turned in as well; you can get that from Dr. Ingle or any other English teacher here at Heritage. They also have more specific instructions that they can give you, which is important since this competition has strict guidelines on format.

Last year, the four representatives that were chosen from HHS to represent each grade were Saulye Nichols, Henry Tollett, Nolan Skiles, and Erin Grace Walden. These were the students that represented our school last year in the county competition, and four more will be chosen again this year. After the county competition, one student from each grade level will be chosen to go on to compete at the state level.

This competition has been going on in Georgia for students for more than two decades now, and it is for students from all grades who are currently enrolled in a Georgia public school. It is sponsored by the Georgia Council of Teachers of English and supported by the Georgia Department of Education. Also, there is no prompt or genre restriction for this competition; only a 1900-word limit. All original student writing that is appropriate will be accepted.