Sydney Shaver, Staff Writer

Recently, IMDb has decided to shut down the message boards, leaving many of the users to wonder why such a thing would happen. As of February 20, 2017, the messages boards have been disabled. The boards were active from 2001 to 2017, leaving a long lasting legacy in the hearts of many. Online fans are upset over the loss of the Internet Movie Database, or IMDb, message boards.  Some fans have even started a petition to bring the boards back. It has gotten nearly ten thousand signatures as of February 20. The boards would allow people to have discussions or arguments, depending on who you are, about a specific movie. Online haters would just hate on every movie and get everything heated on the message board.  IMDb’s primary reason of disabling the boards was based on reduced data and traffic. Most people are blaming it on motivated hate speech on the board. People had decided that the boards were no longer helpful because of people using them to troll users. They claim that the boards were no longer fun to discuss different movies because of the content being displayed. Some even claim that the message boards were just taken over by internet trolls or online haters. People also claimed that the hate was overwhelming and left users more upset than helped.  Many users of the board hope that this really isn’t the last of the message boards. They hope to be able to get them back, blocking trolls and haters from the boards themselves.