Katie Lee, Staff Writer

I have mixed feelings about open toed shoes. Some of them are super cute and I like the way they look, but only before someone puts them on. I really hate feet. I think they are super gross and I do not want to see them poking out of people’s shoes all year round. I understand wearing open toed shoes in the summer because it’s hot and people go to the beach and go swimming often. However, I don’t get wearing them in the winter when it’s freezing outside. I wear converse everyday and my feet are still cold, so I don’t see how they do it. The worst of these shoes is flip flops. Flip flops shouldn’t even be considered shoes, because you can see your whole foot while wearing them. Chacos are another open toed shoe that irks me and so many people wear them every single day. I cannot handle it. I hate being in class and looking down and seeing someone’s feet. It freaks me out. Sometimes people wear socks with sandals and I guess that’s better because I can’t see their feet, but it looks awful. I don’t own one pair of open toed shoes. The only time I’ve worn them has been on the beach and they were my mom’s sandals. I get why people like open toed shoes but I just think they are atrocious and this “fashion” trend needs to die out. I am sick of seeing feet all day every day. It’s a no from me.