S. Carter & I. Shank

Bethany Hall, Staff Writer

“The Lego Batman Movie” came out on January 29, 2017, and received an insane amount of attention from fans of the first “Lego Movie,” which came out in 2014. However, I don’t think those fans were all too pleased with this new addition to the Lego world. First of all, a lot of the humor in “The Lego Batman Movie” was dry and I’m not even sure kids, the movie franchise’s target audience, got the jokes that were supplied in this film. Even when there were jokes, they didn’t have you laughing out loud or for very long like in “The Lego Movie.” It seems that the creators saw how popular “The Lego Movie” was and wanted to match the attention, but tried too hard and it backfired.

Don’t get me wrong, this was a good movie if we aren’t comparing it to “The Lego Movie.” It showed the story of how Batman met Robin, and it did it in such a way so that kids understood it. It also has a great message about family and love, something that’s never really shown up when you talk about Batman. The characters in this movie had cute moments and, even though it was a cartoon, you could see the chemistry between the characters when they conversed. Also, there are many bad guys that Batman fights in this movie that people would recognize such as Voldemort, The Wicked Witch, The Joker, King Kong, and Godzilla. I actually became really excited when I saw some of my favorite villains going against Batman.

So all in all, this movie had a message in it that was very heart-warming and sweet, two adjectives that I never thought I would use to describe a Batman movie. Although it is not as good or as funny as “The Lego Movie,” the movie experience is something that I don’t regret. It is a very clean film and has aspects that the whole family will enjoy. Even though I was a little disappointed because it wasn’t as funny or as interesting to me as “The Lego Movie;” the creators did a good job at making a clean superhero movie for little kids to enjoy, and I would definitely see it again.