Emily Blevins, News Editor

For some, the word “bitmoji” can mean a personalized emoji that looks like you and for others, the word can only bring confusion in that they have no idea what it is. Although I am not one who is extremely familiar with bitmojis, I have gleaned together an idea of what they are all about over the past few weeks or so.

Essentially, a bitmoji is, in fact, a personalized emoticon. When creating one, you begin by downloading the app titled “Bitmoji.” Once you enter the app, you can create an account through Snapchat or with your email. After doing so, you begin creating and designing what you would like your bitmoji to look like, and from what I have seen, you can make your bitmoji look pretty similar to you with a few simply steps. Among the designing process, you begin by choosing a female or male, in order for the app to sort of get you started with an idea of how it might look. You can then choose to personalize the face shape, hair style and color, eye color, eyebrow shape, and many other various facial features. Once you are happy with the face, you can go into an even more personalized level by choosing an outfit. The outfit section of the app provides numerous categories that honestly made me laugh a little when I first created mine. There are sections like “Brrrmoji” featuring a more winter-based clothing line, “Bitmoji casual” which is pretty self-explanatory, and even a “Forever 21” section for all of your trendy bitmoji needs.

The purpose of these bitmojis is very similar to the standard emojis. You can use them in texts, on Snapchat, and almost anywhere else that the other emojis are used. And once again, much like the standard emojis, I have come to realize that there is a bitmoji for basically any possible situation that you could ever think of. Because of this, overall I think that the bitmojis are just another one of those fun things that are entertaining enough to provide a laugh every once in a while. From simply relaxing at home, to flying around in a unicorn costume, trust me: there is a bitmoji for that.