Orange Is the New Black


Over the summer I got caught in an absolutely wonderful, attention-thieving, black hole that we call Netflix. The very first series that I blissfully let rob me of any productive actions was Orange is the New Black. The very first night I started watching the show, I was up until three or four in the morning until holding my eyelids open was no longer an option. I was hooked, addicted, infatuated; whatever extreme word suits your fancy.

Season One, Episode One kicks off with throwing you straight into the middle of the plot without any idea of how you got there. However, you are then retraced back to an explanation. The plot introduces Piper Chapman, played by Taylor Schilling, who is living in an upper middle class lifestyle at worst. She has a picture-perfect fiancée to match named Larry Bloom, who is played by Jason Biggs. Piper’s friends, family, house, personality makes the whole thing seem like the definition of a storybook’s “happily-ever-after.” Except for the part where precious Piper has been sentenced to two years in Litchfield Prison. Why? Well, I can’t tell you that. But I can tell you it’s nothing you would ever suspect.

At first, Orange is the New Black is interesting just because you’re seeing what it’s like for a woman groomed for the upper-middle class to be locked up with what appears to be the dregs of society. And to us, it’s a “realistic” look into what prison is like. However, soon the interest is focused on the background stories of all the other ladies in prison that Piper is abiding her time with. When you take a closer look, the menacing become feeble and the gentle become disturbed. Piper is locked up with drug-dealing mothers, engaged thieves, mentally disturbed daughters, and even a criminal from her past. It makes the series horribly fascinating.

Although, if Orange is the New Black had a movie rating, it would be rated “R” or even “Not Rated” depending on the episode. Some scenes are incredibly graphic and not for the faint of heart. So if you have stars in your eyes and rainbows in your heart, this Netflix series won’t be your cup of tea. Don’t let this turn you away though, considering Orange is the New Black and some actresses and actors have gotten a total of 13 awards including three Emmys. So no matter if you have to beg your parents for Netflix or borrow your friend’s password, do what you have to do in order to watch Orange is the New Black. This remarkable series will have you hooked after a single episode and before you know it, you’ll be like me and left with a craving that only the third season of Orange is the New Black can satisfy.