Ian Shank, Entertainment Editor

Many have wondered if there was going to be a post-credits scene in “Logan” to gain hype for the sequel to the monster hit of 2016, “Deadpool.” Many were surprised to find out that there was a clip showing before” Logan” to tease “Deadpool 2.” This caught many off guard, and the clip was quickly put on the Internet. The trailer revolves around Deadpool trying to change into his super suit in a phone booth so that he can save a man from being mugged outside of a theater showing “Logan.” This teaser trailer was actually much better than I thought it would be. When it comes to comedies, quality tends to drop drastically with each sequel that gets churned out. Yet, if the teaser indicates the quality of the “Deadpool” sequel, then it seems as if the film might quite possibly be a very strong sequel. It could be even along the likes of films such “The Godfather: Part 2,” “T2: Judgement Day,” “Kill Bill Vol.2,” and “The Conjuring 2” as a film that has arguably topped its predecessor in terms of quality. Seeing Deadpool struggle to change into his suit was an outstanding laugh riot that made my sides hurt due to the uncontrollable laughter I was experiencing. It then took a darkly humorous turn with the sound of a gunshot, implying the man Deadpool was trying to save ended up getting injured or killed. We then see the man lying down in the street. What follows is comedy gold. Deadpool steals food from the man’s grocery bag, eats it, and then begins talking to the dead body. “Why is there a phone booth on the side of the street? Didn’t those things go out in ’98?” In short, this is a very promising teaser trailer that only hints at how great the sequel to “Deadpool” is.