Shalee Thompson, Staff Writer

Before you jump to conclusions about what you think this article is going to be about, let me explain to you that this article is about computer mice, not about that little nasty creature that makes you jump on the highest surface you can possibly find. Computer mice are sold in many different varieties, which are as follows: a wireless mouse, the Apple mouse, HP mouse, and if you are feeling fancy, then I would go with the Logitech Proteus Spectrum mouse (it looks like the Bat mobile).

I have found some discomfort within my years of using many different mice; however, I can’t become too uncomfortable, otherwise I will never be able to use a computer, and wouldn’t that be a disappointment? I have found that the Apple mice are completely uncomfortable for me to use, because it seems as if the mouse doesn’t have the same finger ridges as other mice do. I hate putting one finger on each side of the mouse, and not being able to feel the difference of where my fingers are being placed. Using other mice like the HP mouse, I find that the ridges satisfy my fingers and it fills my palm perfectly. However, the Apple mouse is extremely hard to handle. First off, it’s too dang flat, which makes me really mad; because my hand likes to “bubble up” whenever I place it on the mouse… does anyone else know what I’m talking about?

Don’t even get me started on the scroll ball on the Apple mouse… man it’s the symbol of all evil. I don’t think there has ever been a time where I was able to get the scroll ball to scroll the way I wanted it to. Instead, it does the complete opposite and goes up when I want it to go down, and it goes down when I want it to go up, or to make matters worse, sometimes the scroll doesn’t even work at all… and that grinds my gears!

You may be thinking that I’m over exaggerating this topic, but in reality I’m not. This is a world issue we must fix, before the world of technology becomes a huge mouse trap.