Hannah Roberts, Staff Writer

On March 3, Friday, several Heritage High School students left to go to Georgia Highlands College in Rome, Georgia for the 2017 Georgia High Schools Association regional literary competition. There were events for music, dramatic interpretation, and essays that began starting at nine. All of the essays were at nine, as well humorous interpretation, domestic extemporaneous (drawing), and girls’ solo. Throughout the rest of the day, there were competitions in domestic extemporaneous (speaking), boys’ solo, international extemporaneous (drawing), dramatic interpretation, trio, international extemporaneous (speaking), duo interpretation, and quartet. I was one of the people who went, and I did the personal narrative essay. For me, I began writing at around nine. We were each given two hours total to work on and complete the essay based on a given prompt that we got on that day, but for most people, it didn’t take the full two hours. At the end of the day, the winners for each category were announced, and we arrived back at school at around four. The winners from Heritage were Melissa Simmons, Henry Tollett, Hailey Bilbra, Lillyann York and Erin Lord, Hannah Roberts, and Emily Padgett. Heritage was also the winning school. Second place winners include Kyle Hullander, Bryce Crichfield, Owen Peterson, Logan Knight, Kyle Hullander, Evan Jackson, Christian Sawyer, Terri Minor, and Grace James. Logan Knight also finished third in boys solo. All of the first place winners will be going on to Buford, Georgia on March 18 where they will be competing at state level.