Makaela Patten, Staff Writer

One of the many new clubs here at Heritage High now includes the Jelly Club, started by art teacher Ms. Peters and her third block class. “Some kids and I in my third block started the club. We were all joking about different things and I think I said something like ‘Well, what if we had a jelly club?’ I didn’t really think anyone would take it seriously,” said Ms. Peters, “we were just talking about how you have jam, jelly, marmalade, preserves, and relishes. We thought it would just be fun to start a random club where kids could come hang out.” I know what you’re probably wondering, “What’s the club’s purpose?” Ms. Peters said “The clubs purpose is to try new jellies, to maybe learn new fun facts about jellies, definitely to make new friends, maybe meet some people that you didn’t know before, and to be able to get a social hour once or twice a month.” “We sit around and eat jelly and talk. We get to socialize and spend time with each other and just have a good time,” said Katelyn Thompson, an art student and one of the founders of the Jelly Club. The new club plans to meet once or twice a month. “Kids have seemed pumped so far, I hope they continue to bring new jellies in to try,” said Peters. The next Jelly Club meeting will be held on March 22 during lunch in Ms. Peters’ room. The next meeting will be “Finer Things” themed from the TV show The Office. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come!