Shalee Thompson, Staff Writer

Chewing…chewing…chewing, it’s what I’m constantly doing. Why? Because I love to chew gum. It’s kind of hard not to love this creation, which provides your mouth with such savory flavors. I have a liking for different flavors of gum.

Going to the store and picking out which pack of gum you want can be so difficult. From my own personal experience, I have come to my senses and figured out what I like best. There’s mint gum and fruit gum, the two hardest flavors to choose between. Fruit gum is the most exciting flavor of the two. It provides your mouth with a taste that leaves your taste buds on cloud nine, and it’s all around a happy flavor. However, mint gum gives you and endless amount of flavor, meaning, it seems as if the gum never runs out of flavor, even though it does at some point.

Most people may not understand what I am about to say, but fruit gum is my favorite flavor of gum. I love the citrus flavors and how sweet the gum is. However, mint gum is also my favorite flavor because of its refreshing essence. This is where things might get confusing (or the part where your gum decides to fall out of your mouth and it gets stuck in your hair…yeah, that’s something I’ll never understand)… I like fruit gum better for its flavor; but, I prefer mint gum over fruit gum any day. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “oh, well isn’t that the same thing as liking them both the same,” the answer to that is no. I again like fruit gum because of its flavor, but I prefer mint gum because the flavor lasts longer. You still may not understand which is okay because, we all have our own ways of going about things. However, I like what I prefer and I prefer what I like.