Hannah Roberts, Staff Writer

It is the time again for upcoming juniors to choose their class rings. On February 21, there was a sophomore meeting during second block where a representative from Jostens came to talk about the many ring options. He also discussed his personal attachment to a necklace that he was wearing, explaining that the rings would have sentimental value like his necklace for him. Depending on what you order, the price will be different and could potentially be higher. However, for those who aren’t the biggest fan of rings or just want something different, there are also several different options for both necklaces and bracelets.

There are a lot of options regarding the design of the rings as well. Within the last couple of years, they have added many new and different designs for anyone who doesn’t want the stereotypical class ring. The price starts at $80 for girls and $90 for guys, but this price can go up to several hundred dollars, especially if you want more expensive things like diamonds. While buying a class ring can definitely be expensive, there are options that don’t cost as much. If you gave a down payment of at least $50 or show that a ring, bracelet, or necklace was bought online, Jostens gave out free hoodies. This was when they came here at HHS on February 28 during lunch and for a couple of hours after school. Even if you missed this, there is still time to order a class ring. There will be a ceremony around September for everyone who purchased class jewelry where they will be given the ring that they customized.