Sydney Shaver, Staff Writer

If you were planning on going to Coachella to see Beyonce, then you might want to save your money and go next year instead. Due to her pregnancy, she unfortunately had to cancel her performance. Her doctor recommended that she take the next few months easy so she could have a healthy pregnancy and no damage would come to her twins. Many fans are outraged because of the cancellation and are even demanding refunds on their tickets. According to Billboard, ticket prices for first weekend have dropped twelve percent, going from an average of 978 dollars to an average of around 872 dollars, and prices for the second weekend have dropped nearly three percent, going from an average of 856 to around 834 dollars.  Even though fans are upset, no one seems as upset as Beyonce herself. She doesn’t like to disappoint fans. She had originally planned for a big spectacle, but for health reasons, she can no longer perform.  Jay Z says in an interview that he’s happy that she made the right decision for the heath of the children and what is best for the family. He says he only wants what is best for her.

Even though she has cancelled her 2017 performance, it has already been confirmed that she will be headlining Coachella in 2018. So all you Beyonce fans, you have two things to look forward to next year: Beyonce’s twins and her Coachella performance next year.  This year’s lineup is still fantastic, even without the famous “Lemonade” singer, with the festival featuring singers and bands like Radiohead and Kendrick Lamar.